Green Olive
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11.00 - 14.30

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Monday - Sunday

English chef Ian Sherlock prides himself on the freshness of his produce, sourced daily from local markets. With daily changes to the seafood menu, the personal touch extends to the dining area where chef Ian can be found advising diners on their selections from the catch of the day. In addition, the menu contains a good balance of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Light and tasty roasted salmon soup, served in a cup with a separate chunk of moist-roasted salmon, makes an excellent start. Baked Italian goat cheese salad with spring onion beurre blanc sauce is also excellent. Seafood selections are ordered by weight, and accompanied by a selection of Asian sauces. Green lip mussels with light massaman curry sauce is a delight. Try delicious pandan-scented creme caramel with crispy filo ginger mousse to round off an enjoyable dining experience.


Separate cocktail lounge

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