Brasseria La Luna

One of the latest Mediterranean restaurants to hit the Eastern Seaboard. Tiziana Carta is the owner and cook. She is a positive mine of information when it comes to this type of cuisine and is always on hand to offer advice and suggestions to diners unsure of what to order. As well as the main menu there are also suggestions of the day. The choice of appetisers is good; garlic prawns, for instance, is almost a main course. Mixed grilled mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant with truffle oil is another great way to start. All the freshly-made pasta dishes, such as ravioli burro e salvia, are light enough to leave room for a main course. Entrees are quite superb; veal osso buco is magnificent with a delightful tomato sauce that complements the meat perfectly. Parrot fish al cartoccio is also done to perfection.


A good range of wines, especially some wonderful choices from Sardinia. A plentiful selection that is likely to please most palates.

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