360 Degrees

Follow the lush path to the top of the hill to the god Ganesha and discover 360º's panoramic view over Phuket. The perfect spot to watch the Phuket sunset while sipping one of our signature "love potions", 360º has been described as the best sunset bar in Phuket. Be there in time for the intriguing sunset ritual. Pure romance under the stars.

How to get there :

If coming from Route 402 (Phuket's central artery) turn west at Thalang traffic lights onto Route 4030 and drive to the next village where you will see a black-on-white sign saying 'Phuket Pavilions 3km' at a right-hand fork in the road. Turn right here; 360 is located in Phuket Pavilions Resort so park downstairs and take the shuttle electric car up to the restaurant.

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