The Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool is not too far from the town of Krabi and it will take only a little time for you to fall in love with it. As such, you don’t have to worry about accommodation. Food shops and convenient stalls are promptly available, and if you happen to want to stay the night, there’s an option of camping amidst the beautiful nature near the pond.

The Emerald Pool is in Toong Tiaw forest, the last lowland forest of Thailand. Some species of plants and animals like the exquisite, rare Gurney's pitta live here, yet, true to the form of a rainforest, the diversity is outstanding. The trekking is only mildly challenging since jungle trails have been made and nature lovers can admire the beauty in a not too unforgiving manner. Usually the trekking lasts half or one day with Tina Jolliefe nature trail as the most interesting route for bird lovers.

The crown jewel of Toong Tiaw forest is, of course, the Emerald Pool. Though the place looks manmade, it’s actually a natural square-shaped pool 25 meters wide, 20 meters long, and 1.5-2 meters deep. The color of the water is as captivatingly beautiful as the Andaman Sea and the clarity is incomparable. The pool hard water and therefore no plant or any kind of animal can live in it. Small cabins and bridges stand around the pool. You can freshen up by swimming in the glistening clear water in a soothing atmosphere under shades of trees. Relaxing on the banks, or taking a walk and learning more about nature is also highly encouraged.

How to get there

The Emerald Pool is situated in Khao Pra - Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, 18 kms along the public road No. 4038 from the district office of Klong Thom. The gravel entrance road is 800-meters from the main entrance to the pool. It is wide enough for a car but visitors are not allowed to drive to the pool by any vehicles. An official at the entrance informs visitors that noise may disturb wild animals especially birds. However, the path is the shortest access way that most visitors use. Shady and evergreen forest on both sides along the forest pathway are full of trees and vines including palms and rattans. This spectacular environment will make the walk well worth it.