Sao Din Na Noi

Sao Din Na Noi

There are many natural geological occurrences from soil erosion in Thailand such as Lalu in Sra Kaew, Phae Muang Phee in Prae, Fung Ta in Payao or Pa Chon and Kiw Suer Ten at the Mae Wang National Park, Chiangmai. The latest one that was recently discovered is Sao Din Na Noi in Amphur Na Noi in Nan province.

Sao Din Na Noi or locally called “Hom Jom” was created by erosion of wind and rain. It is similar to Phae Muang Phee. It is assumed that Sao Din Na Noi was made between 10,000-30,000 years ago and used to be under the sea. The natural phenomena Sao Din Na Noi are an interesting sight to see. Enormous holes, walls, and pillars of earth and rock can be seen here. It is orange-red in many different shapes. All of these are located in a 20-rai area, which is surrounded by pine forest. During winter, the forest turns into yellow, red, orange and brown which is in contrast with the blue color of the sky. There is a natural path created for tourists.

Stone bracelets and ancient axes have also been discovered here which are now preserved at the National Museum of Nan province. We can assume from this evidence that Sao Din Na Noi was inhabited during the Stone Age.If you have a chance to come to the park, you should also visit Sao Din Na Noi. Even though it is not a popular tourist stop, you can still visit here all year especially during winter. Apart from Sao Din Na Noi, there are also many places to visit such as the Pa Chu in the north, Doi Samer Dao in the National Park of Nan, Baan Pak Nai in the south, and Sirikit Dam. You can also visit Phae Muang Phee and worship Pra Tad Chor Hae at Prae province.

Location and travel routes

Sao Din Na Noi is located at the southwest side of the National Park of Nan province. From the city of Nan, go south along 101 highway to Amphur Wiang Sa. After that take the 1026 highway to Amphur Na Noi and turn left to the 1083 highway, drive along the 1083 highway for about two kilometers, you will see a sign for Sao Din Na Noi on the right side. Turn right into Baan Nor Haa, drive pass Baan Tae and you will arrive at Sao Din Na Noi. The total distance is around 60 kilometers from the city of Nan. For those who travel from Prae, use the route to Amphur Rong Kwang on 101 highway for 24 kilometers. Then, turn right to the 1217 highway and 1216 highway to Amphur Na Noi for 56 kilometers. After reaching Amphur Na Noi, use the same route mentioned above.