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[Translate to ru:] Bangkok may arguable have more taxis than any city on Earth.  Not only are they plentiful, they are very reasonably priced now that meters have become the norm.  Rates for a Bangkok taxi begin at 35 baht ($1 US) and then charge 2 baht for the first two kilometers and 2 baht per kilometer thereafter.  Of course the traffic may be horrendous, so taxis also have a sitting rate, but overall Bangkok taxi fares are far more reasonable than rates in many western cities or even in other developed Asian cities.  Nonetheless, while sitting in an air conditioned taxi to escape Bangkok’s heat can be nice, Bangkok’s traffic can have you sitting still for an hour while directly overhead on the BTS skytrain covers the distance in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the emissions. 

Outside of Bangkok it is rare to find a Thai taxi with a meter and you will need to negotiate a fair before you embark; otherwise the taxi driver may charge you an unreasonable fare.  In general, an air conditioned Thai taxi will cost much more in Phuket or Samui than it would cost in Bangkok.  Its fine to negotiate, just be aware that you won’t get the same price as a Bangkok Taxi will charge.